2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Louis Ebarb

New York NY USA
I am Louis Ebarb, painter for the past forty years; professional videographer for the past thirty; mixed Italian, Choctaw, Apache, Spanish for almost sixty years. My purpose and my true love is Oil Painting on canvas. I was first seduced by Abstract Expressionism in High school, flirted with Minimalism in the 1970s while a student at Pratt and I have settled down to a life long relationship with Urban Realism in 1988. I know two truths about art. First, despite temperament, attitude or fa├žade, all Artists are optimists. If I am creating art, I must believe that it is possible to achieve perfection. I continue to create because I know my next painting will be my best. The second truth about fine art is that every artist is creating religious iconography. From cave painters to Christo we are all trying to depict that which we worship. Styles and images change because our deities have evolved and shifted through changing knowledge, technology and environment. My sacred images are the people who populate our world. Politically sympathetic with some of the Ashcan School, I see the value of the working class, the commonplace and the often overlooked.
© Louis  Ebarb | Heavenly Rest Stop 3143
2013 Painting | Heavenly Rest Stop
Oil on Canvas, 24 X 30", 2013
USD $500
© Louis  Ebarb | West 23rd Street 3147
2013 Painting | West 23Rd Street
Oil on Canvas, 16 X 20", 2013
USD $500
© Louis  Ebarb | Ace Hotel View 3146
2013 Painting | Ace Hotel View
Oil on Canvas, 24 X 36", 2012
USD $1,000