2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Roy Sergey

Poltava Ukraine
Born: 4th of April 1958. Poltava, Ukraine Education: Studiet in the art school (teacher – Vira Maksimchuk). Graduated from the Kharkiv Art and Design institute (1981-1986). From 2004 teaches in Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuk EXHIBITION: SOVIET POSTER, INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, MOSKOW-WARSAW, POLAND, 1984 BASHKIRTSEV’S ART EXHIBITION, MUSEUM OF FINE ART, POLTAVA, UKRAINE, 1988 AVAN/ART IN ROVANIEMI, FINLAND, 1990 ANNUAL NATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, KYIV, UKRAINE, 1990 AVAN/ART, MUSEUM OF FINE ART, MURMANSK, RUSSIA, 1990 AVAN/ART IN JACKSONVILLE, KENT GALLERY, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, 1991 AVAN/ART IN JACKSONVILLE, DAWNTOWN GALLERY, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, 1991 ME+ME+ME+ME+…/AVAN CENTER OF CULTURE MURMANSK, RUSSIA, 1992 2 PERSON SHOW / BABENKO & ROY, MASTER GALLERY POLTAVA, UKRAINE, 1992 NATIONAL EXHIBITION ART GALLERY, KIYV, UKRAINE, 1993 AQUAREL GALLERY, KIYV, UKRAINE, 1995 PAN-UKRAINE, DNIPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE, 1995 EXHIBITION MODERN ART GALLERY, POLTAVA, UKRAINE, 2003 REGIONAL EXHIBITION MODERN ART GALLERY, POLTAVA, UKRAINE, 2005 REGIONAL EXHIBITION MODERN ART GALLERY, POLTAVA, UKRAINE, 2007 KYIV - ART. 2008 HOUSE OF TEACHER , KYIV , UKRAINE, 2008 M-ART GALLERY KHARKIV, UKRAINE 2010 IN GARDENS OF VICTORY GALLERY , ODESSA, UKRAINE ,2011 SOLO EXHIBITION IN ART GALLERY, POLTAVA, UKRAINE, 2013 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION IN MUSEUM OF FINE ART, NEONOPOLIS, SN, LAS VEGAS, USA 2013 Florence Design Week "Crossing People" Exhibition, FLORENCE,ITALY,2013 AUCTION "STEP TO MEET" IN “ TRIPTYCH” GALLERY, KYIV, UKRAIN, 2014 UKRAINIAN FREE UNIVERSITY , MUNKHEN, GERMANY,2014 Private collections: Mr. Roman Kupchinsky (USA, New York) Dr. Ulf Bethmann (Germany, Hamburg) Ms. Monika Platek (Poland, Krakov) Museums and collection: Jacksonville College (Florida, USA); Khmelnitsckiy National Art Museum (Ukraine); Poltava Art Museum (Ukraine); Modern Art Gallery Poltava (Ukraine); USA, Germany, England, Russia, Ukraine, Poland. Web side : www.sergeyroy.com.ua If we talk about the combination of skills, knowledge of elements of the world (philosophy), emotionality, spirituality, poetry-then we speak of Serghiy Roy. It is his special dimension. The variety of themes leaves none indifferent. His works find their admirers in Ukraine, Germany and other countries as well. His glance upon the world is bright and interesting, his language is clear. I think, that Serghiy did not run of his creativity; he nourishes it and develops; and we are waiting for his new discoveries of various sides of modern world. Dr. Ulf Bethmann, Hamburg
© Roy Sergey | Imagimation of Marianist 5161
2014 Painting | Imagimation Of Marianist
oil on canvas, 90x64 cm, 2014
USD $2,200
© Roy Sergey | A walk 5547
2014 Painting | A Walk
oil on canvas, 60x120 cm, 2010
USD $2,700
© Roy Sergey | The gravitation 5548
2014 Painting | The Gravitation
oil on canvas, 2014
USD $9,575