2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries


New York NY USA
Artist Statement My artwork is geometrically structured and often linear, depending on the inspiration and the series that I am working on. I have coined the term, “Triangulism” to express my belief that the triangle is the most important geometric form. My process involves deconstructing each image into triangles exploring the true meaning, form and structure of my subject. I use all kinds of different materials in my art work; from synthetic (X-Rays, match-heads, codeine, acrylic glass), to natural (Air, water, sand, stone). Everything in life is part of a three point system: beginning, middle, and end. Triangulism connects the dots by using straight lines, therefore addressing the current digital age, where everything is directly connected to something else. My color pallets and materials depend on the mood of the work and the inspiration behind it. I take great pride in my art and try to translate as much of my energy as possible into every creation.
© jamie MARTINEZ | Head of Herm 3858
2013 Painting | Head Of Herm
Oil on wood, 16" x 20" (320 single paintings), 2013
USD $3,000
© jamie MARTINEZ | Liquid Blue 3859
2013 Sculpture | Liquid Blue
Liquid with coloring in clear plexiglass, 12 x 12 x 20, 2013
USD $3,000
© jamie MARTINEZ | Liquid Red 3860
2013 Sculpture | Liquid Red
Liquid with coloring in clear plexiglass, 18 x 18 x30, 2013
USD $3,500
© jamie MARTINEZ | Twist 3861
2013 Painting | Twist
oil on cotton , 30" x 24", 2013
USD $1,200
© jamie MARTINEZ | Cracked 3862
2013 Painting | Cracked
640 glass tiles , 20" x16", 2013
USD $800