2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Resa Wohlrabe

Denver CO USA
When I pick my portraits, I don't imagine how beautiful I can make them. I imagine how I can portray their real person. Wrinkles interest me more than make-up and they are features that are real, that cannot be hidden or fixed. We try to simplify a person into blocks of careers, age, and clothing. But I feel that the complexity of muscles, and tension, and scores behind the facial expression will reveal the real person.
© Resa Wohlrabe | Temple Writer 3003
2013 Painting | Temple Writer
oil on canvas, 36x48 inches, 2012
USD $3,000
© Resa Wohlrabe | Laosian Monk 3004
2013 Painting | Laosian Monk
oil on canvas, 48x6 inches, 2012
USD $2,500
© Resa Wohlrabe | Cricket 3005
2013 Painting | Cricket
oil on canvas, 48x26 inches, 2012
USD $2,500