2015 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Faun Manne

Crown Point IN USA
Inspired by my career as a Fashion Designer and my continuing love of fabric and the female form, I strive to incorporate these elements into my artwork. This process reveals to me the mystery of my own memories, feelings and experiences. while drawing the viewer into my artwork through design, color pattern and texture. The tactile nature of my work, juxtaposed against the allegorical subject, "unlocks" a strong memory or emotion from within. In this way I tell my "story". With each new piece I learn more about myself, my memories and my most intimate feelings. One could say I "speak" through my art. My goal is that through autobiographically sharing my story, my audience recognizes the common thread that unites each of us in life. I believe we ALL have a story to tell...
© Faun Manne | Desnuda 6469
2015 Painting | Desnuda
Acrylic,Chalk on Fabric, 24' x 24", 2015
USD $700
© Faun Manne | Feral 6470
2015 Mixed Media | Feral
Vintage newspaper,magazines,tissue paper, 16' x 20", 2015
USD $500
© Faun Manne | Through a Glass darkly 6471
2015 Mixed Media | Through A Glass Darkly
Acrylic and sand., 12' x 23.5", 2015
USD $350
© Faun Manne | Tranquility 6472
2015 Mixed Media | Tranquility
Acrulic,chalk and manilpulated fabrivc, 30' x 37", 2015
USD $1,200
© Faun Manne | Scorn 6473
2015 Painting | Scorn
Acrylic, 16' x 20", 2015
USD $500