2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Stanislav Fridman

New York NY USA
Creating is my passion. I was raised in a very artistic family - My mother is an artist, and my father a musician. Throughout the years of learning music and art, I have created many musical compositions and artwork pieces. Every time that I create a new piece, I am inspired by images and shapes that I imagine in my head, and I convert them into sounds. The same with artwork - I combine sounds in my head and create images through the mixture of reflections and shapes that I associate with different sounds. I also think that technology in visual arts and in music is a gift to us - artists. Therefore I constantly use various computer programs, apps and electronic devices in order to create a unique piece of art or music.
© Stanislav  Fridman |
2014 Graphics | Evening In New York
Digital print, 19 x 29.5 cm, 2013
USD $1,500
© Stanislav  Fridman |
2014 Graphics | Dawn The Rabbit Hole
Pen on paper, 19 x 29.5 cm, 2014
USD $2,000
© Stanislav  Fridman |
2014 Mixed Media | Invasion - Sunrise
Digital print, 48 x 28 cm, 2014
USD $700
© Stanislav  Fridman |
2014 Mixed Media | Invasion - Sunset
Digital print, 45 x 28 cm, 2014
USD $700