2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Carlos Aquilino

Madrid Spain
Carlos Aquilino was born in Madrid (Spain), the city where he lives and works today. He grew up painting, drawing and sculpting as a self-taught artist. He has had the good fortune to build his own personality shaped by cross-cultural experiences that have taken him from artists residencies at the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts in Rome to the Creative Arts Center of Virginia or the New Mexico desert at the Helen Wurlitzer Foundation, to Izvorul Mures Workshop in the Romanian Carpathians, to Abadzsalok Workshop in the Hungarian Plane and to Point B Worklodge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. His work has been shown in many different national and international art exhibitions. It has been spoken of in a lot of magazines and catalogs and it belongs to some private and public collections. Some of his works have been on the front cover of poetry books and art magazines like Ojo a la copa! from his Drawing Series that was the front cover of New York Arts Magazine, VOL 15, Spring 2010, or his oil on canvas Buscadores de perlas was featured in The Cumberland River Review, issue 2-4, Autum 2013. Trevecca Nazarene University. Carlos Aquilino writes in his statement: "My works emerge from the emotion, in a spontaneous and intuitive way. I find inspiration in every aspect of my daily life. My creation is always direct. I create my works on many different platforms. My paintings, executed in oil or acrylics on canvas, cardboard or panels, are focused in a humanized world where people appear deeply in touch with their surroundings. I use any and all found materials and objects around myself to utilize in my sculptures. I never leave without my sketchbook. I draw and paint almost every day in my life. It is a real priority for me".
© Carlos Aquilino | Selfie 7616
2017 Painting | Selfie
oil on canvas, 65 x 53 cm, 2015
USD $2,000
© Carlos Aquilino | Ágiles mensajes 7742
2017 Painting | Ágiles Mensajes
oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm, 2016
USD $2,100
© Carlos Aquilino | La sonrisa del paisaje 7741
2017 Painting | La Sonrisa Del Paisaje
oil on canvas, 46 x 33 cm, 2016