2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Lannie Hart

Sleepy Hollow NY USA
I call my work “iconic imagery”. It is drawn from my rural beginnings in the South. The pieces I form are the interpretive study of woman as a symbolic image. They evoke nature, religious images and cultural references which have a strong feminine point of view. I have always been drawn to the use of female allegorical images, such as the Madonna, angel, warrior, etc. These icons form the basis for my paintings. The paintings are acrylic or oil paint on different surfaces. I sometimes collage my paintings with cut out paper, frame them in different metals and found objects to represent icons. I enjoy the layering of different textures and media. My palette of techniques expands as my images develop and grow
© Lannie Hart | ADAM  3175
2013 Painting | Adam
Oil on canvas collage fabricated metal frame, 45" by 47", 2013
USD $4,000
© Lannie Hart | EMILY'S GARDEN 3173
2013 Painting | Emily's Garden
Oil on board with collage fabricated metal frame, 27" by 18", 2013
USD $1,500
© Lannie Hart | WOMB 3174
2013 Painting | Womb
Oil on board collage fabricated metal frame, 16" by 17", 2012
USD $1,000