2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Alex Katsenelinboigen

Cliffside Park NJ USA
As source and inspiration for my work, I seek images that conjure up ambiguity and distortion. This dissonance often provides the impetus for the work. I work primarily from sketches and photographs, often using a computer to mutate the image in order to test the various possibilities. As the work progresses, I try to move away from the 'naturalistic' depiction to a pictorial idea that emphasizes expressiveness and innovative (hopefully!) complex interaction of pictorial elements. My working process is largely governed by trial and error until I arrive at a satisfactory result.
© Alex Katsenelinboigen | Reflection 3270
2013 Painting | Reflection
oil, 40x60, 2011
USD $3,000
© Alex Katsenelinboigen | Artist with Pallete and Brushes 3271
2013 Painting | Artist With Pallete And Brushes
oil, 60x40, 2013
USD $3,000
© Alex Katsenelinboigen | Dima with Cigarette 3272
2013 Painting | Dima With Cigarette
oil, 60x40, 2012
USD $3,000