2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Ozlem Habibe Mutaf Buyukarman

Istanbul Turkey
As an artist studied art and design both in Istanbul and San Francisco, worked both for commercial and academic field, I have often found myself in between the culture of East and West, Asia and Europe. Being woman in this geographical spot offers a lot of controversial concepts and inspires me in terms of creativity. I have my inspiration from personal things, used and worn, the ordinariness, the feelings, the incidents they witnessed, our inner world and our conflicting passions with the outer world, the violence we faced to both physical and psychological, our emotional commitments, our roles and the drama of modern life with its consuming, exhausting, unstable condition. The monotype printmaking technique exactly presents this condition; these momentary feelings and instantaneous involvements. I present the aesthetics of these things while documenting them, presenting an opportunity for a moment of confrontation. I stay away from any decoration or storytelling instead I let things be with their momentary condition and I present their experiences about their being by my monotype printmaking series. /// Artist's Profile Ozlem H. Mutaf Buyukarman was born in 1978, Izmir Turkey. She has her undergraduate degree from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Arts Department (2001) and graduate degree from San Francisco State University College of Creative Arts, Design and Industry Department (2003) with an Outstanding Graduate Award. She worked as art director for several years. She has been teaching graphic design since 2007 and now working as Assistant Professor at Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Design Department in Istanbul. She participated in national and international group exhibitions with photography, etching and monotype printmaking, posters and conceptual graphic design pieces.
© Ozlem Habibe Mutaf Buyukarman | Into The Mud 5112
2014 Painting | Into The Mud
Paper, 50x70cm, 2014
USD $3,000
© Ozlem Habibe Mutaf Buyukarman | Broken Heart 5113
2014 Painting | Broken Heart
Paper, 50x70cm, 2014
USD $3,500
© Ozlem Habibe Mutaf Buyukarman | All Red 5114
2014 Painting | All Red
Paper, 50x70cm, 2014
USD $3,000