2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Jan Gordon

Los Angeles CA USA
The inner and outer beauty of a woman, her passions and individuality is exemplified by the female body. Flowers, branches, and other living things also represent those passions. The steel represents reality and society. Individual passions sometimes struggle to exist against reality, but can accomplish a harmony with it, just as the steel can bend. The images represent this dichotomy of conflict and/or harmony in life.
© Jan Gordon | Double Twist 7305
2017 Photography | Double Twist
Photography, 36x25 inches, 2016
USD $750
© Jan Gordon | Curved Lines 7306
2017 Graphics | Curved Lines
Photography, 36 x 25, 2016
USD $750
© Jan Gordon | Steel Draped 7307
2017 Graphics | Steel Draped
Photography, 42x36, 2016
USD $1,100