2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

oana catalina gavriliu

piatra neamt Romania
During the process of continuous redefining of the world, the artist self-defineshimself. Art is universal and the artists are endowed with intense emotions. Likesome receptors, they vibrate on a certain frequency and resonate with universalprinciples. The ideas flow like a fluid, visual art expresses the world in its diversity, itprevents the uniformization and flattening of the feelings. The manifestation ofthe artist as a complete being, summing up the knowledge he gathers in life, corelatingesthetic perceptions which come from various fields of art, raising the individuallevel of knowledge contribute in the actual expression in the artistic plane. Although a certain side of the behaviour dominates, making the artist manifesthis preferrences towards certain manners of expression, he is a microuniverse and, justlike the surrounding world, he has at his disposal a variety of ways to express himself. Likewise, the result of his creative work, the work of art, built during an entireartistic career, is a microuniverse. In today’s visual art everything is allowed.
© oana catalina gavriliu | The wheel 7112
2017 Graphics | The Wheel
newspaper, cardboard, 4 pcs x (30 x 42 cm), 2014
USD $300