2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Eduardo Terranova

New York NY USA
I paint, destroy and reconstruct, and perform alchemy, all as an integral element of my artistic expression. I use gold and silver in a non-traditional format, in my paintings and constructions. Until now, my research has derived primarily from a heritage that draws from pre-Columbian gold and silver work and shamanism, conceptual elements of monochrome, the objectification of paint pigments, the reflection of color, movement and form. I have reveled in the colors and intensities of gold and silver, elaborating subtle shadings of the metal, as signifiers of the relation between solar, lunar and human activities. As such, I have explored an inventive use of materials to express, along with ancient beliefs, that the glitter of gold and silver transmits a magical and fertilizing energy to humanity. In this deep inspiration of the ancient traditions of Alchemy and Shamanism, I seek to reinvent gold and silver, their artistic possibilities and place in contemporary art. The canvasses have the look of reflecting panels, which convey the ghost-like presence of the underlying paint while absorbing and rendering the external surrounding space of each piece. The glitter and radiance of the Gold and Silver are more than a mere reflection, more than an optically perceived phenomenon. I believe the magic of Gold and Silver contain an energy that is the very yin and yang of life.
© Eduardo Terranova | Gold 21 3694
2013 Painting | Gold 21
Gold Plating Process on Canvas, 36X42X2, 2013
USD $12,100
© Eduardo Terranova | Silver Construction 4A 3695
2013 Painting | Silver Construction 4A
Silver Plating Process on Burlap, 36X42X2, 2013
USD $12,100
© Eduardo Terranova | Gold 18 3696
2013 Painting | Gold 18
Gold Plating Process and hand stitching , 36X42X2, 2013
USD $12,100