2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Shang Ma

San Francisco CA USA
I rising up in China, but I am currently living in San Francisco. I gave up what I previously owned, as well as my background, identity, and some good opportunities. I had to create a whole new life, and find a new existence. I came with my hopes and dreams of becoming an artist. Art became a form of my existence, and it has been a real challenge for myself. As a result, I have been able to apply these experiences to my art and use them as a way of expressing myself through painting. I focus on expressive figure oil painting. My painting expresses the main concept, involving the state of existence and my understanding about existence. The paintings depict pain, suffering, and struggle, while still retaining hope. They contain two important aspects. First is the nude figure with no face, hands, and feet. The nude figures and body language in these paintings represent my negative emotional state. The second is the use of abstract elements. The abstract elements represent my feeling and mood, in addition to create the atmosphere. I also use abstract elements to break up the figure, while at the same time fusing that figure into its surrounding environment. The colors I choose depend on my expression of each individual figure. They range from highly saturated and high contrast to more muted and subtle variations. Looking for the answer about my existence from painting process is still important to me.
© Shang Ma | Existence #28 4426
2014 Painting | Existence #28
Oil, 18" by 24", 2014
USD $1,200
© Shang Ma | Existence #34 4427
2014 Painting | Existence #34
Oil, 18" by 24", 2014
USD $890
© Shang Ma | Existence #10 4428
2014 Painting | Existence #10
Oil, 18" by 24", 2013
USD $890