2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Timothy Gowan

Ridgewood NY USA
My intent is to play with "things sacred" in a humorous and smart-alecky manner based on perceptions in popular culture and the seriousness exhibited by "real" practitioners. The current subject matter is inspired from the poems, stories and koans (paradoxical questions) found in Zen Buddhism.
© Timothy Gowan | Cold Mountain? You can't get there...you're here. 5796
2014 Mixed Media | Cold Mountain? You Can't Get There...You're Here.
Mixed (paint, poly resin, photo, fabric, etc), 24H x 12W, 2014
USD $850
© Timothy Gowan | Let go Moon Monkey.  Let go! 5797
2014 Mixed Media | Let Go Moon Monkey. Let Go!
Mixed (paint, fabric, poly resin, photo,, 24H x 12W, 2014
USD $850
© Timothy Gowan | Case #1: MU!  (the dog doesn't give a shit...case closed!) 5798
2014 Mixed Media | Case #1: Mu! (The Dog Doesn't Give A Shit...Case Closed!)
mixed (paint, marker, photo, poly resin,, 12H x 24W, 2014
USD $850