2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

I-Chin Liao

Hsinchu Taiwan, Province of China
Ways of Seeing I am interested in people’s emotions, specifically how an emotion from within becomes visible as a facial expression. Living in different places challenges a person to adapt to the environment and a new way of thinking in a different culture. My personal experience living in a variety of places has, at times, left me feeling uncertain, confused and even conflicted. This has become the inspiration for my current body of work.  I have chosen to describe psychological states through abstract portraits. I refer to pictures of friends, strangers and myself while painting. I distort and deform the facial structure by combining contrasting or analogous expressions. These expressions convey feelings of uncertainty and confusion, whether they are conscious or not. My compositions and abstract forms open the imaginary window for the viewer to explore my work freely.  In my painting process, organic shapes, colors and lines point out the phenomenon of conflict and feeling of impact. They can be very extreme or moderate. Levels of emotions are built by a process, which is involving a dialogue between lines, painted form and texture. This process of painting becomes an intersection where my life experience and my idea about painting collide, creating an ongoing dialogue between my work and myself.
© I-Chin Liao | 2:45am: No 4524
2014 Painting | 2:45Am: No
Oil on canvas, 36x36 inches , 2013
USD $1,300
© I-Chin Liao | Woman #9 4525
2014 Painting | Woman #9
Oil on canvas, 24x36 inches , 2014
USD $850
© I-Chin Liao | 9:00pm: Glance 4530
2014 Painting | 9:00Pm: Glance
Oil on canvas, 24x30 inches, 2013
USD $750
© I-Chin Liao | Face to face 4529
2014 Painting | Face To Face
Oil on canvas , 30x24 inches, 2013
USD $750
© I-Chin Liao | Woman #10 4528
2014 Painting | Woman #10
Oil on canvas, 22x28 inches, 2014
USD $600