Artist Official Entries

Ricky Heeraman

Bronx NY USA
Ricky Heeraman was born into the mecca of the graffiti culture in the heart of the Bronx. Graffiti & Street art is what influences his pieces. His paintings always addressed an issue in todays world whether its a social class problem, political issue or conforming to pop culture. The canvases he uses are filled with many different mediums. Such as acrylic spray paints, various acrylic paints & inks, oil paints, fluid inks, paint markers, resin, and other mixed media mediums. Sometimes articles, comic books & newspapers have served their purpose as backgrounds for his paintings. He firmly believes in keeping graffiti/street art alive especially in NYC because it represents culture, it’s a form of communication, artists use to express themselves in ways they cant use words for. Ricky also works with kids in Boys & Girls club in NY & NJ area to give kids a creative outlet and to get them to expand their horizons. He believes in helping inner city kids who are less fortunate than others who face problems either at home, school or socially. He gives these kids a positive male role model in inner cities who needs another outlet other than using violence. Art is the greatest way to communicate his feelings & thoughts. One who looks at his paintings will have to look deeply for the underlying messages each unique piece has to say.
© Ricky Heeraman | Were All The Same  8978
2018 Painting | Were All The Same
Clay Skulls , 36"x72", 2018
USD $7,000
© Ricky Heeraman | Death Comes in Threes 8979
2018 Painting | Death Comes In Threes
Painting on a Poster, 24"x48", 2018
USD $2,000
© Ricky Heeraman | Eye See What Eye Want 8980
2018 Painting | Eye See What Eye Want
Acrylic Painting on Poster, 24"x36", 2018
USD $1,500
© Ricky Heeraman | Self Claimed King 8981
2018 Painting | Self Claimed King
Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 60"x60", 2018
USD $6,000
© Ricky Heeraman | Welcome to the Jungle 8982
2018 Painting | Welcome To The Jungle
Acrylic Painting on Poster, 28"x36", 2018
USD $2,500
© Ricky Heeraman | Modern Surrealism 8983
2018 Painting | Modern Surrealism
Acrylic Paint on Linen Canvas, 36"x48", 2018
USD $3,500
© Ricky Heeraman | Beauty Lies in Your Own Hands 8984
2018 Painting | Beauty Lies In Your Own Hands
Acrylic painting on linen canvas, 36"x48", 2018
USD $3,000
© Ricky Heeraman | Beauty Lies in Their Hands 8985
2018 Painting | Beauty Lies In Their Hands
Acrylic painting on linen canvas, 36"x48", 2018
USD $3,000