2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Tore Terrasi

Arlington TX USA
In general my creative research revolves around exploring the evolutionary nature of meaning. These concepts manifest in forms ranging from conceptual and time-based typography and animated self-portraiture to woven microfilm tapestry work and digital photography. Specifically these landscape images are from the series “Moments and Vision”. The title of this series is derived and translated from a double-entendre Korean word (shi-kac), defined as both ‘a specific moment in time’ and as ‘vision’. The series uses strong vertical and horizontal structural elements and the conceptual backing in regards to the nature of all grids, the writings of Rosalind Krauss and the work of artists like Piet Mondrian to explore organization systems and how we are influenced by such systems. The added dimension of cultural evolution also plays a key role in the series. The people in these environments simultaneously move within and are confined by a system, a way of thinking and approaching daily life. The visual elements of the landscape pinned against the people within the compositions serve as a sublte critique on the cultural landscape of the people of Seoul.
© Tore Terrasi | Staring Girl 3085
2013 Photography | Staring Girl
Digital Archival Print, 12 in X 2.5 in, 2013
© Tore Terrasi | People In Boxes 4 3086
2013 Photography | People In Boxes 4
Digital Archival Print, 12 in X 2.5 in, 2013
© Tore Terrasi | Train Wreck 1 3087
2013 Photography | Train Wreck 1
Digital Archival Print, 12 in X 2.5 in, 2013