2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Cristina Maya Caetano

Aveiro/ Pinhel Portugal
Cristina Maya Caetano is Portuguese and she lives between the cities of Pinhel and Aveiro. In her oil-on-canvas she is inspired from her own poems and both were born in her heart and in her soul in a better conception than the existing reality. It is in tune with the essence of spirituality that she expresses herself using bold colors and wave forms in the breeze of her soul, in a greeting to life and to nature. What her eyes see, what her five senses feel, she analyze inwardly and in the silence of her being she create with love each work, uniquely. She works with international curators, museums and galleries and her work is published in specialized Magazines and Art books. Mentions and awards are also part of her curriculum. She participates in important international exhibitions (Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, USA, Scotland, Portugal, Japan, Denmark, Austria, England, Switzerland). Cristina participates in exhibitons permanent in Denmark (European Art Museum) and in Austria (MAMAG). Cristina is a writer, an artist, a poet and an illustrator. She has a degree in Regional and Urban Planning, Post-Graduation in European and Communitarian Studies and the Master Degree in African Studies.
© Cristina Maya Caetano | SUPERATION OF THE MIND 7568
2017 Painting | Superation Of The Mind
Oil on canvas, 50X70 cm, 2016
© Cristina Maya Caetano | WINDOWS OF ASCENSION 7569
2017 Painting | Windows Of Ascension
Oil on canvas, 60X60 cm, 2017
© Cristina Maya Caetano | EMBRACE YOUR INNER BEAUTY 7571
2017 Painting | Embrace Your Inner Beauty
Oil on canvas, 80X80 80X80 cm, 2016
© Cristina Maya Caetano | THE BRIGNHESS OF NEW AGE 7572
2017 Painting | The Brignhess Of New Age
Oil on canvas, 80x80 cm, 2016
© Cristina Maya Caetano | THE OTHER LIGHT 7573
2017 Painting | The Other Light
oil on canvas, 80X80 cm, 2016