2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Eric Yarbrough

New York NY USA
I'm originally from Alabama but have lived in New York City working as a psychiatrist. The majority of my work includes people as the main subject matter in an expressionist style. Color and content are most important to me, and I try to create works that provide an image to tell a story and colors that draw on emotion.
© Eric Yarbrough | Steak Tartare 5320
2014 Painting | Steak Tartare
Oil, 24"x36"x0.7", 2014
USD $2,500
© Eric Yarbrough | On... 5453
2014 Photography | On...
20"x16", 2014
USD $550
© Eric Yarbrough | Sebastian 5703
2014 Painting | Sebastian
Oil, 24"x36"x0.7", 2014
USD $2,200