Artist Official Entries

Elise Avdakov

New York NY USA
I am an artist, thinker and observer who’s central focus stems from exploring and expanding mediums, patterns and perspectives. Working around elements of color, shape, and bilateral symmetry, my current works concentrate primarily on the organic qualities of wood grain. As of now, my intentions lie in exploring how organic processes in nature mimic complex systems in the human brain and body, and what the meaning behind this relationship may be. My work takes form mainly in the two dimensional realm. Chosen mediums and materials include oil pastel on wood, as well as acrylic paint on canvas. I gather inspiration and influences from the existing nature of the material itself, such as the fluidity of the wood grain or the malleable consistency of pastels. Also, touching upon themes of man vs nature, I enjoy examining the interrelation between these two subjects. Moreover, the ways in which I work in my practice, whether through color, abstraction, or symmetry, are modes all conceived and labored over intuitively and organically.
© Elise Avdakov | Untitled 8886
2018 Painting | Untitled
Acrylic on canvas, (24"x48") x 2, 2018
USD $10,000