2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Emil Silberman

New City NY USA
I was always fascinated by the ability to capture an emotion, a narrative or a thought in a work of art and to discover this may be more powerful than words. Throughout my life I have been striving to achieve this ability and to this day I continue to seek new ways to do so. I started to sculpt at the age of 3 when I got my first box of plasteline as a birthday gift. Since then I have always made sculptures and other works of art. Though I studied art through many venues, I never attained formal art education and remain largely self taught. By a strange turn of fate I became an Emergency Room doctor, working in an inner city hospital in New York. For a long time I was trying to reconcile these seemingly different paths until one day I realized the connection between them. Emergency Medicine practice presented me with ample opportunities to witness raw human emotions of anguish, confusion, fear, anger, happiness, depression and many more. Distorted anatomy by disease and aging, as well as expressive body language of patients create powerful images which inspire the creative process. On the other hand I probably would be unable to handle the work in an Emergency Room for a long time if I didn’t have days devoted to art to relieve the stress. Over the years my art has continued to develop and undergo many transformations. Much of my initial work was done directly in plaster. Once I discovered that the hardening of plaster can be delayed by several hours, I devised my own technique of applying it to various surfaces to create unique textures and shapes. However, in the past decade I have become interested in mixed media, which allows me to create installation art and site specific works. These approaches offer additional ways to further enrich my artistic language and produce new and exciting works of art.
© Emil Silberman | Korach 3076
2013 Sculpture | Korach
plaster, wood, 60"x14.5"x14.5", 2009
USD $29,000
© Emil Silberman | Letter from her Youth 3077
2013 Sculpture | Letter From Her Youth
plaster, 22.5"x16.5"x11", 2011
USD $15,000
© Emil Silberman | The Violin Player 3080
2013 Sculpture | The Violin Player
plaster, 31"x18.5"x14.5", 2009
USD $15,000
© Emil Silberman | Fire in Our House 3081
2013 Sculpture | Fire In Our House
plaster, wood, plastics, 40"x27"x21", 2011
USD $29,000
© Emil Silberman | Wolf 3172
2013 Sculpture | Wolf
Bronse, 30"x12"x24", 2007
USD $12,000