Artist Official Entries

Liza Cruz

New York NY USA
Liza Cruz is one of New York's most exciting up and coming artists. After many years designing some of the world's top selling children's clothes, Liza is pursuing her lifelong passion for painting and sharing it with the world. Born to an artistic family in Vilnius, Lithuania which moved to the United States when Liza was 3yrs old in order to provide greater opportunity for the family. Winner of numerous awards over the early years of her career, Liza was always inspired by surrealism, cubism and abstract art. Liza received her formal artistic training at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Liza works mainly with oil paints and acrylics, though also incorporates other recycled materials such as woods, metals & paper and other textures to enhance the depth and emotion of her work. She is passionate about the environment and believes that if we can take something that isn't wanted or discarded and make it come to life, make it art and beautiful in her own way, which has meaning, so that others can admire it and love it again, her work has that much more purpose and is a very important factor in our world and our future. Liza is continuously working on developing technique and finding new ways to play with color and texture - Please find a way to see her work in person and let your curiosity awaken and emotion come alive.
© Liza Cruz | NAILS ON MY STAIRS 8789
2018 Painting | Nails On My Stairs
OIL ON CANVAS , 36 x 36, 2018
USD $5,000
© Liza Cruz | FINANCE 8788
2018 Painting | Finance
OIL ON CANVAS SCREWS , 36 x 36, 2018
USD $5,600