Artist Official Entries

Monica Cilmi

Ipswich United Kingdom
I completed my studies at the Academy of Fine Art with an experimental thesis related to Japanese art and philosophy. I started to participate to art-exhibitions while I was still at University and I worked, for a while, in graphic studios. I used to write critics for an exhibition in a Museum in Sicily and articles for a Sicilian Cultural magazine. I started travelling to find inspiration and improve my skills. In 2002 I took a Master in Painting Restoration and in 2003 I decided to go back to Sicily where I taught history of art in a college and I participated to an International Art-exhibition for young artists in Rome. The same year I decided to move to London where I have found the opportunity to use my art skills teaching, continuing to study, doing research, participating to art-exhibitions and helping disabled people through art. In 2006 I took a post-graduate Certificate in Korean and Japanese art and in 2009 I have completed a MA by project at London Metropolitan University. I have exhibited my work internationally and had solo exhibitions in Italy, England, Portugal and Germany. I had my work published in various magazines and books and I have also written four books of which two already published and other two that will be printed by the end of the year. I am now working as a workshop leader and tutor and as a freelance artist. My work is guided by a research that follows the relationship between nature and gesture. I have always been fascinated by lines and gestures followed by the power they have when interacting with human feelings. I am very passionate about Japanese art and culture and my artworks express the harmony between a logical research, my personal feelings and instinctive actions. I use paper as a symbol of the universe and ink as a representation of life and movement.
© Monica Cilmi | Body/mind 8489
2018 Painting | Body/Mind
Ink, 50x70cm, 2018
USD $600
© Monica Cilmi | instincts 8490
2018 Painting | Instincts
ink painting, 20x30cm, 2018