2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

ksenia golubkov

new york NY USA
. Ksenia studied at the prestigious Moscow School of Applied Arts, where she learned and developed her hot batik method. Ksenia emigrated to New York in the 80s and has had a long career in textile and interior design. She has been creating uniquely beautiful silk batik paintings for over 30 years. Ksenia’s masterpieces are of a variety of subjects: landscapes, flowers, architecture, hounds and felines, powerful graphic designs and her own striking interpretations of other artists. “Ksenia works exclusively in silk and, as a result, the colors in her pieces simply glow!” NEW YORK,NY USA https://www.flickr.com/photos/batikbyksenia/sets/
© ksenia golubkov | Cat under a tree 4831
2014 Painting | Cat Under A Tree
Batik,paint on silk, 21x28in, 2014
USD $520
© ksenia golubkov | Razin... 4832
2014 Painting | Razin...
Batik,paint on silk, 18x24in, 2014
USD $645
© ksenia golubkov | White Still Life with Blue Bottle 4833
2014 Graphics | White Still Life With Blue Bottle
Batik,paint on silk, 16x20in, 2014
USD $520
© ksenia golubkov | city ​​by the sea with still life 4834
2014 Painting | City ​​By The Sea With Still Life
Batik,paint on silk, 16x20in, 2014
USD $520