2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Ihor Biloushchenko

Antwerp Belgium
This idea came to me while looking for new materials. The modern world gave me a hint. Where there is so much plasticizing, plastic and Plexiglas became my «modern canvas». Moreover, this way helps to show an artist’s world, playing with shapes, colors and shadows. I used special techniques such as dripping, dotting, and blotting to create depth and three-dimensional illusions. Plastract is an expression of searching for my identity as an individual artist. With my art I express my emotions and show my inspiration. Most of all, it is flowered with colors. I create my works on two Plexiglas boards and fix them on distance from each other. It creates play of the shapes and colors, makes the painting unique depending of the light and the point of view.
© Ihor Biloushchenko | CHINESE CHARACTER 3435
2013 Mixed Media | Chinese Character
mixed media on Plexiglas, 30x45x5 cm, 2013
USD $1,455
© Ihor Biloushchenko | SEASIDE 3437
2013 Mixed Media | Seaside
mixed media on Plexiglas, 58x75x6 cm, 2013
USD $2,900
© Ihor Biloushchenko | SUMMER 3438
2013 Mixed Media | Summer
mixed media on Plexiglas, 60x60x6 cm, 2013
USD $2,400