2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Irene Pomirchy

Morganville NJ USA
My work is based on life experiences and observations. My paintings tell stories: of a child who lost his/her parents or a person who took his own life thinking that there is no way out. Stories of people, the common stories that happen everyday: divorce, separation, adultery or the uncommon ones like a tragedy of 9/11 depicted in my painting " Broken lives". The painting was made right after and it shows broken buildings covered with smog and dust, a face of Bin Laden surrounded with printed names of the people who perished on that day, and a single burning candle in their memory.
© Irene Pomirchy | Broken Lives 3063
2013 Mixed Media | Broken Lives
Oil on canvas, collage, 22"X28", 2001
USD $1,500
© Irene Pomirchy | Lost Soul 3064
2013 Painting | Lost Soul
oil on canvas, 16"X20", 2012
USD $1,000
© Irene Pomirchy | Mask of an Orphan 3065
2013 Painting | Mask Of An Orphan
oil on canvas, 16"X20", 2011
USD $1,000