2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Youssef Rami

Toronto Canada
Surface Pattern/Geometric Abraction Aspects of repetition are present in every crevice, every corner of our peripheral vision. Historically, geometric patterns were always used to visually connect spirituality with science and art. Youssef’s work tries to extend the cultural understanding of geometric pattern to our modern urban life with an ability to convey emotional or express feelings and ideas. Using his passion of geometry, Youssef searches for the representation of surface pattern in visual art, a diagram of materialized reality, consciousness, thought, emotion, and energy. Youssef is a mathematician-turned-artist whose work is a unique combination of mathematical design pattern translated into modern, abstract-cubic art. The multi-layered, brilliantly-hued vertical and horizontal lines create a canvas strikingly reminiscent of the architectural lines and shapes inherent in cityscapes and industrial warehouse interiors.
© Youssef Rami | Passionate Energy 3439
2013 Painting | Passionate Energy
Acrylic/Liquitex, 16 x 20 inch, 2013
USD $2,000
© Youssef Rami | Field of Positive Energy 3440
2013 Painting | Field Of Positive Energy
Acrylic/Liquites, 18 x 36 inch, 2013
USD $3,000
© Youssef Rami | Aura of enlightenment 3441
2013 Painting | Aura Of Enlightenment
Acrylic/Liquitex, 32x 16 inch, 2013
USD $2,500
© Youssef Rami | Field of Optimism  3442
2013 Painting | Field Of Optimism
Acrylic/Liquitex, 36 x 14 inch, 2013
USD $2,500
© Youssef Rami | House of wisdom 3443
2013 Painting | House Of Wisdom
Acrylic/Liquitex, 18 x 30 inch, 2013
USD $2,500