2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Svetlana Rudakovskaya

Belleville NJ USA
In my work I use expressionistic approach with the use of abstract forms. You can see the connection between people, architecture, geometrical figures and unusual formations. I try to reach harmony and balance in the composition. The dynamic and unexpected use of bright or neon colors is combined with muted colors in order to create emphasis, contrast and movement in my artwork. I do experiments with my paint by dripping, blending, splashing, scoring and also love to use different materials. Looking at my artwork your curiosity raises and imagination starts to emerge.
© Svetlana Rudakovskaya | Time doesn't Wait 4797
2014 Mixed Media | Time Doesn't Wait
Acrylics, watercolor, Micron pen,paper, 24x18, 2014
USD $600