2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Beth Plakidas

Tampa FL USA
My work imitates environmental processes of accumulation and destruction, perpetuated and accelerated by my aesthetic choice to build, display, sand, paint, burn, tear, or destroy. I walk or ride around town collecting objects that others have abandoned. The give and take between chance and reacting creates a working harmony, which is visible through the materiality of the work. These acts are a way for me to deal with the distress initiated by the disposable attitude of our modern society. As I recycle materials, I also recycle memories, working through old wounds and watching them heal. Working through this process and sharing its results is just as engaging as presenting its aesthetic outcome.
© Beth Plakidas | Relic 3 5584
2014 Mixed Media | Relic 3
Found Objects on Paper, 10" x 6.5", 2014
USD $250
© Beth Plakidas | VAMICHA 5585
2014 Mixed Media | Vamicha
Collected Objects, Ink, House Paint, Acrylic and Collected Paper on Paper, 14" X 15", 2014
USD $500
© Beth Plakidas | Crest 5586
2014 Mixed Media | Crest
Acrylic, House Paint, Water Soluble Crayon, Dog Hair and Other Collected Objects on Paper, 48" x 48", 2014
USD $1,500