2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Emil Silberman

new city NY USA
Artist Statement I was always fascinated by the ability of art to capture an emotion, a thought or a feeling in ways more powerful than can be expressed by words. Throughout my life I strived to achieve this ability and to continuously seek new ways of expression and form. I started to sculpt at the age of 3 when I got my first box of plasteline as a birthday gift. Since then my passion for art only grew stronger. I studied art through many venues until my early 20’s but without attaining a formal art education I learned much of what I know on my own. Being self-taught eventually proved to be advantageous to my development as an artist. I was able to learn unconventional ways of using various materials and develop the necessary skills for their application. Over the years my artistic process continued to develop and undergo many transformations. Initially I found plaster to be a fascinating material when I understood how to delay its drying time for several hours. I devised my own technique of applying it to various surfaces producing unique texture and style. In the past decade I became interested in installations and site-specific works. There were several unique opportunities for artists to use old, unattended warehouses in Paterson, New Jersey for the purpose of creating art projects. Old, desolate warehouses provoke one's imagination to create in new and unusual ways, using large spaces and aging artifacts that were left behind. This experience was essential to learn how to command large and unusual spaces while using many new materials. I suddenly began using mixed media, found objects and light in my works, while constantly modifying my creative process. Despite all the technical and stylistic changes over time I always remain true to my original goal of capturing an emotion or a thought in my work. I strive to make a viewer interact with my pieces on a level of raw emotions in a setting of unique visual experience often starting a silent dialogue between us.
© Emil Silberman | Hand 5489
2014 Sculpture | Hand
bronze, 25"x11"x13", 1995
USD $8,900
© Emil Silberman | Our House is on Fire 5493
2014 Sculpture | Our House Is On Fire
mixed media, 37" x 25" x 21", 2011
USD $12,300
© Emil Silberman | Form #5 5495
2014 Sculpture | Form #5
wood, 12" x 12" x 27", 1982
USD $5,100