2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Uli Minoggio

New York NY USA
I have always been very interested in drawing the figure while at the same time I like to create and compose shapes and forms and relate them to each other. Usually the abstract composition comes first and I place the figures into/onto it, so that all becomes merged and develops into something narrative. Occasionally I come upon a poem and that I would like to visualize, sometimes the painting comes first and I happen to read a poem and find my painting in it. My figures or faces sometimes seem caricaturesque, and I love compositions that depict the mostly unconscious warped and strange sides of life, not lacking, however, a sense of (at times dark) humor. I don’t believe in L’Art Pour L’Art for myself; I want a story, a recollection, a connection with life, with society, and with current events to unfold. I also like to make a statement with a picture, but would want the viewers to freely come up with completely different ideas than mine or with interpretations if not stories of their own.
© Uli Minoggio | Untitled 3054
2013 Graphics | Untitled
Ink Pen, marker on pater, 11x8.5 inches, 2013
USD $300
© Uli Minoggio | Drawing3 3055
2013 Graphics | Drawing3
Ink Pen, marker, colored pencil on paper, 11x8.5 inches, 2012
USD $300
© Uli Minoggio | Muses 3056
2013 Painting | Muses
Lino Cut on paper, 11x8.5 inches, 2010
USD $500