Artist Official Entries

philip marshall

jamaica NY USA
Artist Statement: Color gives an expression of everything in life. As a painter, I use color as a way to show how I feel. Colors let me express the genuine feeling of every moment. It helps to change a sketch from dull to bright in a matter of seconds. More gorgeous images help to seize the importance of the painting. These images may be a wide range of pop-art and abstract expression. Similar to Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, I use brush strokes that are more broad and expressive. The identity of colors creates a more natural vibration for the images. I always try to push the envelope when it comes to designing. I try to set a balance between good and evil. Within moments of heightened inspiration, the tone of my painting comes out either overtly aggressive or sensitive. For me this mirrors life. Two juxtaposing forces that have helped me evolve as an artist and a whole human being.
© philip marshall | Blood in the Sea 9186
2018 Painting | Blood In The Sea
acrylic , 18" L X 18"w, 2018
USD $100
© philip marshall | 3 dollars and 6 dimes 9187
2018 Painting | 3 Dollars And 6 Dimes
acrylic , 20" L X 16"w, 2018
USD $100
© philip marshall | Capture the flag 9188
2018 Painting | Capture The Flag
acrylic , 20' L X 18"w, 2018
USD $70
© philip marshall | High, I'm Looking Good 9189
2018 Painting | High, I'm Looking Good
acrylic , 20" L X 16"w, 2018
USD $100
© philip marshall | Lone Bull 9190
2018 Graphics | Lone Bull
acrylic , 24 LX 18"w, 2018
USD $100