Artist Official Entries

Joanna Posa

Melbourne Australia
My work explores genetic possibilities through hybrid creatures made from everyday found objects which I then cast in aluminium. This involves an incorporation of different units married into one in order to express a futuristic interpretation of the human form. This process has brought me to further investigate the use of a repeated unit in a different way. This form of construction provides a parallel for reflecting the new knowledge in the building blocks of humanity and how they can be modified. I use corrugated steel which is found in every backyard, cut and hammer out each unit of metal and then rivet together the thousand of pieces. The process is labour intensive but meditative and rewarding. I continue to work with metal and found objects, with materials I can easily find at hand. I am interested in the transformation of refuse into objects of beauty. I find that each found material has a language of its own, only learnt through direct handling – whether it’s discarded disposable razors, recycled corrugated sheeting or aluminium flashing, each element will dictate its’ capabilities.
© Joanna Posa | Difficult Case 8368
2018 Sculpture | Difficult Case
Cast Aluminium, 60cm X 40cm X 15cm, 2014
USD $2,500
© Joanna Posa | Stutue of Libidity 8369
2018 Sculpture | Stutue Of Libidity
Cast Aluminium, 50cm X 30cm X 20cm, 2016
USD $1,200
© Joanna Posa | Not Licking; Biting 8370
2018 Sculpture | Not Licking; Biting
Cast Aluminium, 75cm X 40cm X 50cm, 2016
USD $1,600
© Joanna Posa | Death of Beauty 8371
2018 Sculpture | Death Of Beauty
Cast Aluminium, 110cm X 240cm X 1300cm, 2012
USD $11,500
© Joanna Posa | Tanked 8372
2018 Sculpture | Tanked
Copper plate, Copper tank, 215cm X 120cm X 90cm, 2015
USD $9,500
© Joanna Posa | Pull 8373
2018 Sculpture | Pull
Aluminium Sheeting, 185cm X 110cm X 182cm, 2017
USD $12,000
© Joanna Posa | The Expectation of Silence 8374
2018 Sculpture | The Expectation Of Silence
Aluminium, Copper, 30cm X 20cm X 18cm, 2018
USD $1,200