Artist Official Entries

Barbara Wisoff

Springfield NJ USA
My artwork references personal experiences, cultural themes, anatomy, and nature. I love making decisions about referential content, composition, color, texture, line, shape, and light before and during the slow processes of hand stitching, sketching, knitting, crocheting, braiding, hand knotted beading, and hand weaving. These processes and my collections of varied materials are great resources for me. The artwork of Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse, Magdalena Abakanowicz, and many other artists, as well as materials, processes, and utility inspire me.
© Barbara Wisoff | Like This? 9053
2018 Mixed Media | Like This?
Wall Sculpture Suri Llama, 16"x1.5"x11.75", 2018
USD $1,200
© Barbara Wisoff | Skeltons with Teeth 9054
2018 Mixed Media | Skeltons With Teeth
Silverpoint drawings, 20"x17", 17"x20", 1970's
USD $1,500
© Barbara Wisoff | Mind-Body 9055
2018 Sculpture | Mind-Body
Llama , 13.5"x2.5"x34.5", 2018
USD $4,300
© Barbara Wisoff | Baby Teeth  9056
2018 Sculpture | Baby Teeth
Alpaca, teeth, waxed linen, 13"x.75"x3.5", 2017
USD $1,200