2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Yumie Kusuda

Yumie integrates her organic art work into inorganic metal, primarily aluminium and steel, and she is often recycling discarded metal. She handles the brain involved in unconscious and nonlogical emotions as input into her art, and she investigates self- discovery and self-development to float the subconscious mind to the surface of her art work. She gives a unique and surreal expression, delicate psychological intricacies. Even though she is sometimes showing us the confusion of the modern world, she hopes to promote our vision and action toward the desired goals of self-realization and happiness.
© Yumie Kusuda | Being cruel 5456
2014 Sculpture | Being Cruel
welding steel, 12"x36", 2014
USD $3,600
© Yumie Kusuda | Wish for 5457
2014 Sculpture | Wish For
welding steel with original aluminium frame, 12"x36", 2013
USD $14,400
© Yumie Kusuda | God only know 5458
2014 Sculpture | God Only Know
welding aluminium, 12"x12", 2014
USD $7,200