2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

steven alberts

toms river NJ USA
trying to investigate light, expressing the invisible dimensions which lie in the quantum light. i am mostly self taught. i am proud to say that i was honored as a founding artist of NEM (New Era Museum) and am active in many social media groups, digital photography & painting. Art is my means of purpose, trying to cope with the wordly clamors of chaotic earth. thanks
© steven alberts | Dark Matter 4817
2014 Photography | Dark Matter
print, 13x19, 2012
USD $180
© steven alberts | evolution of a distant vessel 4818
2014 Painting | Evolution Of A Distant Vessel
oil w silicone and roof coating, 24"x36", 2014
USD $1,200
© steven alberts | have u ever been to Spain 4819
2014 Painting | Have U Ever Been To Spain
oil, 2014
© steven alberts | Baptism of John 4820
2014 Painting | Baptism Of John
oil, 16x20, 2014
USD $700
© steven alberts | Cosmic Fisherman 4821
2014 Painting | Cosmic Fisherman
oil w silicone , 36x48, 2014