2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Vivi Kieffer

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Here is the essence of my work. I work on abstract forms, but through computer art at 3D worlds. I use programs to build virtual worlds and other programs to build objects. I try to give them the presence of past abstract forms, but in a 3 dimensional contemporaneous context. I call my work-concept “volumetric abstraction”. In the transition to a new codification of art, it is a transcription of abstract art in a volumetric environment.
© Vivi Kieffer | Anacaona I 4869
2014 Mixed Media | Anacaona I
Digital print on canvas, 1 x 0.7 meters, 2013
USD $600
© Vivi Kieffer | Anacaona III 4870
2014 Graphics | Anacaona Iii
Digital art on canvas, 1x 0.7 meters, 2013
USD $600
© Vivi Kieffer | Blue Roots 4871
2014 Graphics | Blue Roots
Digital Art on canvas, 1x 0.7 meters, 2013
USD $600