2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Ji Young Shim

Ji Young Shim describes her art world in two words: premium, mass. Giving the taken-for-granted/ordinary new meanings, she retranslates them with her own creative assumption. This process recreates her own inside culture in a new way. Growing up between Asian and American culture in accordance with interactions with multicultural-based communities, feeling of misfit in anywhere and diverse identities grew inside her, combining social, cultural, and historical aspects of each. Under this circumstance, she has realized that something one culture considers ordinary can be turned into something valuable, rare, unpredictable, and precious when placed in a different culture. Believing that pro-social behavior is empathy-based, she imparts a new meaning by distorting, radically contrasting, or exaggerating, to ordinary things which could be exotic, unordinary, and precious to her or someone else. Namely, she gives new meaning and value ordinary things by putting a premium, emotion, and illusion on them derived from her experiences of travels to unfamiliar places and life with surroundings including people, nature, and necessities. “The more I place a premium on surroundings and objects, and the more I add my emotion to them, the closer I examine the world and the more interesting it becomes. This idea is closely related to my use of materials and objects from combination of analogue and digital in photography to abstract and realistic in painting. My art world is familiar to one person, while exotic and unusual to someone else. Also, my hope is that some people feel both aspects. Interpretation, recreation, retranslation should not be reinforced, but should be on viewers and/or creators, so that the art can be 'an experience’ to anyone and anything."
© Ji Young Shim | Base of the Tree 5670
2014 Photography | Base Of The Tree
Digital Photography (mounted on Acrylic), 20" x 15", 2014
USD $900
© Ji Young Shim | Shelter  5672
2014 Photography | Shelter
Digital Photography (mounted on Acrylic), 24" x 16", 2013
USD $1,000
© Ji Young Shim | Frill of the Tree 5671
2014 Photography | Frill Of The Tree
Digital Photography (mounted on Acrylic), 15" x 20", 2014
USD $900
© Ji Young Shim | Scarred Tree 5673
2014 Photography | Scarred Tree
Digital Photography (mounted on Acrylic), 24" x 32", 2014
USD $1,400
© Ji Young Shim | The Bark 5674
2014 Photography | The Bark
Digital Photography (mounted on Acrylic), 15" x 20", 2014
USD $900