2015 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

mher khachatrtyan

Fort Lee NJ USA
Armenian born and New York based artist Mher Khachatryan was born in Armenia in 1983. He first became interested in art when he was 5 years old. Upon discovering his uncle's paintings, Mher taught himself to draw and shortly after that he began to paint. Mher was a self-taught artist at that time. In 1994, he attended the Art school of Hakob Kojoyan. It is an atelier art school meaning that the artists study all aspects of art including anatomy, sculpture, watercolor, figure painting, drawing and still life. From 1998 to 2000 Mher had been studying at the Art college of Panos Terlemezyan. From 2000-2003 he did MFA at the Academy Of Fine Arts. Mher's work can be found in Armenian national gallery “ the work is dedicated to the 100th universally of the Armenian Genocide” also in private collections in Armenia, Russia and in USA. He also began to show his art in area galleries including Hanna Gallery in NJ, ICO Gallery in Chelsea New York, NY, Narekatsy gallery in Armenia, Vulcan’s Forge MO, Webster Hall in New York, NY …                       Mher Khachatryan’s work has been published in magazines and newspapers like Art takes Time Square, Arvestagir, Agos, Sobranie, golos armenii, Miami talent Magazine, Art Creation, KC Artist,  Art things in Northeast, The Pitch… Mher Khachatryan is the founder of Cre8sart school (www.cre8sart.com) teaching kids and adults since 2012, CEO and founder of Art to thank (www.arttothank.org) 501c non-profit organization giving the gift of the memory and honoring those who fought for the freedom. see full details https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mher_Khachatryan
© mher khachatrtyan | 1915 Genocide 6088
2015 Mixed Media | 1915 Genocide
Oil on canvas, 48"x120", 2015
USD $12,000
© mher khachatrtyan | The Prayer 6089
2015 Painting | The Prayer
Oil on canvas, 68"x 96", 2015
USD $15,000
© mher khachatrtyan | Three Graces 6090
2015 Painting | Three Graces
Mixed media, 24"x 48", 2015
USD $4,000
© mher khachatrtyan | The Youth and Old ages 6091
2015 Painting | The Youth And Old Ages
mixed media, 24"x 48", 2015
USD $4,500
© mher khachatrtyan | The incredible lightness of being 6092
2015 Painting | The Incredible Lightness Of Being
Oil on canvas, 48"x 60", 2014
USD $7,500