2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Ron Kendall

Phelan CA USA
Hi, I’m Ron Kendall, a 67 year old self taught artist with 60+ years experience. After getting out of the army in 1968, I started to seriously put pen and paint to paper. In the last 45 years I have managed to assemble a portfolio of 495 outrageously beautiful and varied pieces of art. And I am still adding to it. Up to 4hrs a day. I am now retired and live in Phelan, California. However, I spent 36 years in the mountains of Trinity County California in a place called Hayfork. I relocated there from Riverside, Ca in 1973. There I worked, fished, prospected for gold and developed my artistic style. I also play the guitar and sing a bit. During those years many of my works won 1st place awards in local county fairs and exhibitions. My art has evolved over the years to include a wide variety of styles, methods and media. Most recently I took first place at the 2011 Los Angeles County Fair with my painting “Open Gate”. This was a considerable accomplishment because I created this piece 31 years prior with the idea of entering it at that time but circumstances did not let it happen. This year, 2013, I was chosen by the board of curators for the World Wide Art Books for publication in the “International Contemporary Masters” Volume VIII. I know one thing for sure. With the variety in my art I am sure you will never get bored looking at it. Go to www.saatchionline.com/ronkendall and check out my complete portfolio. Also go to my Face Book Page, facebook.com/ron.kendall.142, and post a Like and/or a comment.
© Ron Kendall | Autumn 4459
2014 Painting | Autumn
Airbrushed watercolors and Color pens on paper, 18"w x 17"h, 1977
USD $3,750
© Ron Kendall |  Autumn Trees 4460
2014 Painting | Autumn Trees
Airbrushed watercolors and Color pens on paper, 24"w x 18"h, 1986
USD $2,695
© Ron Kendall | Lady Tree 4461
2014 Painting | Lady Tree
Airbrushed watercolors and Color pens on paper, 18"w x 24"h, 1978
USD $3,700
© Ron Kendall | Open Gate 4462
2014 Painting | Open Gate
Airbrushed watercolors and Color pens on paper, 18"w x 22"h, 1982
USD $4,950
© Ron Kendall | Cottage Landscape 4463
2014 Graphics | Cottage Landscape
Black pen on paper, 14"w x 17"h, 1987
USD $3,900
© Ron Kendall | Forest Path 4464
2014 Graphics | Forest Path
Black pen on paper, 18"w x 11"h, 1989
USD $2,790
© Ron Kendall | Long Time 4465
2014 Graphics | Long Time
Black pen on paper, 14"w x 17"h, 1979
USD $2,050