Artist Official Entries

Lyudmila Prespare-Lapandina

Brooklyn NY USA
I do artwork from fabric. Since time immemorial, people have been using textiles. Like a second skin, it surrounds us everywhere. I adore fabrics! I also love natural stones! When I hold semiprecious stones, I feel pleasure. Both natural fabrics and stones carry the living energies of the Earth. Artworks made from these materials are very energetic. I am happy to work and feel the material of nature. It is also nice to feel the energy that comes from finished works of art. Such works of art are a means for meditation and restoration of human peace of mind. I am sure that the daily meditative contemplation of my work will affect, adding peace of mind and health to life. Relaxation, Meditation and Love are the three sisters of mercy who open the doors of the last refuge for weary souls.
© Lyudmila Prespare-Lapandina | New Fate in captivity of Karma 9964
2019 Mixed Media | New Fate In Captivity Of Karma
Mixed Textile Art, H34" x W31" x D2", 2019
USD $8,990
© Lyudmila Prespare-Lapandina | Exclusive offer 9965
2019 Mixed Media | Exclusive Offer
Mixed Textile Art, H35" x W31" x D2", 2019
USD $4,990
© Lyudmila Prespare-Lapandina | Breakfast for aesthete 9966
2019 Mixed Media | Breakfast For Aesthete
Mixed Textile Art, H51" x W40" x D2", 2019
USD $7,990
© Lyudmila Prespare-Lapandina | New hope 9967
2019 Mixed Media | New Hope
Mixed Textile Art, H34" x W29" x D2", 2019
USD $4,990