2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

David Pullman

In my artwork I try and capture a transitory moment in light and time. That moment can be the changing of a season, a face on the subway, sunlight caressing a tree, the sensuality of a female nude, a friend deep in thought, a hint of a smile... many of our deepest impressions happen in a passing moment, which none the less touch us to our core and it is those lucid, but fleeting moments that inspire my work. I'm a native New Yorker, versatile painter and illustrator who lives and works on Manhattan's Upper West Side. My work always deals with the figure and things I see in my surroundings, which include portraits, landscapes- fine oil and watercolor paintings [in which I use my right hand] to satirical, humorous drawings [which I use my left hand].
© David Pullman | Boat Basin, Riverside 6948
2017 Graphics | Boat Basin, Riverside
Oil Painting, 22" X 31", 2014
USD $7,500
© David Pullman | European Beech Tree, Central Pk 6949
2017 Painting | European Beech Tree, Central Pk
Watercolor, 20" X 15", 2015
USD $7,000
© David Pullman | Boat Pond, Central Pk 6950
2017 Painting | Boat Pond, Central Pk
Watercolor, 20" X 15", 2016
USD $9,500
© David Pullman | Three Trees, Late Atumn, Central Pk 6952
2017 Painting | Three Trees, Late Atumn, Central Pk
Oil Painting, 25" X 30", 2016
USD $18,500