Artist Official Entries

Neema Lal

Brooklyn NY USA
My work flows with the primary elements which are coming as conscious creation from mind and appearing in the minimal forms. This brain -so called mystic and – involves matter, condition, time and space as per the creation carries on in it. This substratum of creation is getting the inspiration from Himalayan Culture specially Samkhya philosophy, which is divided into two parts first one Purusha; conscious outcome ( inner lines) and second one Prakarti; matter ( Pratakshya; perspective shapes). The approach of indulging into the art which prompts dimensions and involvement of different sources such as, paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations ( mother inspiration), performance installations, videos, mix media, neon, mix media, fashion design and 3D/2D sculptures in large and small scales with the cultural influence of India and the effect of the places I have been, which all extend exploration and excitement. As a result, the expansion of creation inculcates representation, conceptualization, presentation of cultural influences, depicting daily experiences and representation of social and political affects. These influences coming in the mind are going through different questions: how are the related thoughts wondering in the mind? Why are the thoughts changing mood? Why is the mind producing feelings by the external conditions? How are the feelings dominating the conditions? How is the situation affecting the conscious mind? And how is the unconscious mind dominating the situation? Beside, contemplating internally, the mind can not neglect the external social and political situations such as how is the recent or previous happening in the society forming its space and which pattern is forming during this time? How is the pattern can rouse my creation? Whether the creation predominantly coming from visual impacts, Sankhya language of its philosophy; an ancient language of lines, points, and triangles of Himalayan Tradition – following enumerationist philosophy of pramanas (proofs) including pratyakṣa (perception), anumāṇa (inference) and śabda (āptavacana, word/testimony of reliable sources) or the cubism- artist inspiration-, after all, it matters only, what does the brain select to form the language of lines in depth and simplicity? As the art plays measure role in interaction between spectator and the artwork. Simply, my experience, interest and influences, motivate me to make art with the involvement of key elements in parlance and using the reinventions of materials. Being female, I cannot apart myself from the gender issues, which always raise questions on the suffering of females in different areas. Somehow, it impels me in favor of women to create similar costumes of males and females, to present equality. As I am a meditative practitioner and follower of Himalayan tradition, at certain point the brain cannot leave the impact of ubiquitous love, which produces series of mysterious connotations between the different interconnected fields such as humanity, nature and spirituality. The curiosity of building the relation inspires and crosses all the boundaries lying between me- as an artist- and onlookers, and present the conversation through simple straight and angular stria. For viewers, which is not limited to conversation, but also pushes to realize the situation and somewhere it evokes to recognize the depicted forms through common inner spirits. Since, I follow spirituality; the cultural practice, learned from the sages and the daily reality with facts. Nevertheless, our modern life relies on advanced technology by different means-which cannot be denied. Everything keeps value and it becomes inevitable to face unknown questions, which are engaging mind and inspiring consciously and unconsciously, that how can the depiction be presented through visual image, creative thoughts, incited by meditation and its contemplation, which can simply make rhythmic resonance, whether the medium is adopting depiction or involving technology, either way, The important point is, it should become part of spectator’s art experience. Moreover, the art is involving designs within itself, so whenever the art is in front of viewers, they could imagine themselves, being involved with it in their surroundings . Art is a resonance of music, poem and dance, moreover considering unknown unending questions are also encouraging the performance on Patanjali Yoga Sutra and to reveal hidden facts. Basically, the knowledge, whatever I got through Himalayan masters since last 14 years, would like to introduce in series. Not only this, the collaborative projects help to propagate more aspects on ubiquitous love. Finally, I would like to follow the art endlessly, to see further, how many more involvements of the new media, it will propound and how much the mysterious revelations, it will show.
© Neema Lal | merging in space 8819
2018 Mixed Media | Merging In Space
Stripe cotton fabric on board, 24x15x1in, 2018
USD $3,200
© Neema Lal | Neema lal_Facilities and habits-artificial grass, sand and tape on board -33 x24x05 in 8820
2018 Mixed Media | Neema Lal_Facilities And Habits-Artificial Grass, Sand And Tape On Board -33 X24X05 In
sand and tape on board, 33 x24x0.05 in, 2018
USD $3,500