Artist Official Entries

Joanna Posa

Melbourne Australia
I work primarily with metal, both cast and fabricated. The sheet metal pieces are made from corrugated steel, a material found in most Australian backyards. Each work is made up of hundreds of units. Every unit is considered; cut, hammered and hand riveted. This is a very slow process which is labour intensive and highly intuitive. My cast works are made from the lost wax method incorporating many found objects I have collected. I find that each material has a language of its own, only learnt through direct handling – whether it’s bone, coral, a found object, corrugated sheet steel; each element will dictate its’ capabilities. My work continues to explore through the repeated unit themes of evolution, ideas of masculinity and femininity, how scientific advancement affects our views of ourselves and our environment.
© Joanna Posa | Not Licking, Biting 9897
2019 Sculpture | Not Licking, Biting
Bronze, 41cm X 23cm X 20, 2019
USD $3,700
© Joanna Posa | Not Licking, Biting 9896
2019 Sculpture | Not Licking, Biting
Bronze, 41cm X 23cm X 20cm, 2019
USD $3,700
© Joanna Posa | Untitled 9900
2019 Sculpture | Untitled
Cast Aluminium, Shee Horn, 50cm X 30cm X 20cm, 2018
USD $2,300
© Joanna Posa | The Expectation of Silence (For Gloria) 9901
2019 Sculpture | The Expectation Of Silence (For Gloria)
Tin, Copper, 30cm X 20cm X 18cm, 2018
USD $1,300
© Joanna Posa | Pull 9902
2019 Sculpture | Pull
Sheet Steel, 184cm X 110cm X 152, 2017