2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Scott Bell

We, as a society, have moved from the natural world into the man-made world, and I wonder if our new world better? I have found that man is so disconnected from nature that he frankly doesn’t care about what happens to her. We live in a world that is so wrapped up in ourselves that we overlook anything that doesn’t seem to directly affect or concern us. My work acts as mirror to the related framework of our constructed landscapes and how it is perceived and controlled. Growing up in the urban sprawl of the southeast, these ideas of expansion over the natural terrain have always been present. I bear witness to the ever-altering landscape. Contemplating the glorified uniformity of these new manmade structures and the distances that they create. My work is generated used techniques and motifs from photography, printmaking, and painting. Each one of these mediums has a purpose within my process. Photography helps me to organize my compositions as well as capture the fleeting moment that is ever present in my work. The printmaking process assists in the creation of foreign layers within my paintings, it creates a direct dialogue between the literal and the imagined within the work. I chose painting as my main focus for the direct control, its hand made qualities, the surface, and color choices. I feel that a contemporary painter needs to explore all of his options when creating new and exciting imagery.
© Scott Bell | Motion Still 4492
2014 Painting | Motion Still
Oil on panel, 21in. x 8in., 2014
USD $1,200
© Scott Bell | Over Looked 4490
2014 Painting | Over Looked
Oil and photo transfers on paper, 29in. x 27in., 2014
USD $1,400
© Scott Bell | Overpass 1 4491
2014 Painting | Overpass 1
Oil and photo transfers on paper, 30in. x 22in., 2013
USD $1,300