2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Petya Evtimova- Ivanova

Virginia Beach VA USA
I have been looking back to my past and my roots recalling traditions, colors, and harmony. In these artworks I am approaching reality as an idea. On one hand, I am following the logic of Geometry – a set of reflections, lines, and different dependencies or functions. On the other, I am seeking for and recalling those colorful choices and rhythm that are entrenched in the East-European traditions and that, as a reflection of the past, I still keep in my mind. Relying on symbols I am sharing my ideas about life as a whole, about being, about day and night, and still leaving it to the others to rediscover their own life ideas in their own way.
© Petya Evtimova- Ivanova | Eternity 3103
2013 Painting | Eternity
oil on Canvas, 12"/ 26", 2012
USD $800
© Petya Evtimova- Ivanova | Rug 3104
2013 Painting | Rug
oil on Canvas, 24"/ 24", 2012
USD $1,100
© Petya Evtimova- Ivanova | The long way home 3105
2013 Painting | The Long Way Home
Oil on Canvas, 24"/ 24", 2012
USD $1,100