Artist Official Entries

Jill DeCotiis

New York NY USA
I am a classical pianist and began experimenting with drawing in 2012. I think of my works as abstract improvisations since I never really know or plan what I am going to draw beforehand. I often later find that what I draw tells me a story about something that I’m subconsciously dealing with in my life very similar to dreaming. There is often a nature influence in my work and although people tell me they look like paintings, they are done with felt pens and acrylics. I have no formal training in drawing but studied art history for two years in college and am an avid museum goer. I’ve recently began painting with acrylics on a larger scale.
© Jill DeCotiis | Tropical Holiday  9959
2019 Mixed Media | Tropical Holiday
Felt pens/acrylic , 9” X 12”, 2019
USD $350
© Jill DeCotiis | Jungle Dance 9960
2019 Mixed Media | Jungle Dance
Felt pens/acrylic , 9” X 12”, 2019
USD $350
© Jill DeCotiis | Jokers are Wild 9962
2019 Mixed Media | Jokers Are Wild
Felt pens/acrylic, 9” X 12”, 2019
USD $350
© Jill DeCotiis | Sitting Cactus 10082
2019 Mixed Media | Sitting Cactus
Felt pens/Acrylic , 9" X 12", 2019
USD $350