Artist Official Entries

Ariana Chaves

Atlantic Beach NY USA
A witness — a space as a visual reminder, privy to histories you may never be able to uncover or bury. These close encounters present a fear of forgetting and/or the fear of being unable to forget. A repetition of a cycle — an endless transience. A pattern either grounding in its predictability or dizzying in its faults. A resilience found in instability, and an optimism in anticipation. The uncanny can exist in the unknowable parts of mundane objects, walls, and spaces that can often seem more alive than the bodies who routinely interact with and pass through them. Yet the uncanny cannot exist without the notion of that which is knowable: in familiar objects and spaces too close to us to possibly identify the unknown that makes them so unnerving. A corner, a wall, or a box becomes sinister.
© Ariana Chaves | Witness 9166
2018 Painting | Witness
oil paint, 5' x 5'6", 2018
USD $700
© Ariana Chaves | Grounded 9167
2018 Painting | Grounded
house paint, oil paint, 8' x 5'3", 2018
USD $900
© Ariana Chaves | Safety Boxes 9168
2018 Painting | Safety Boxes
oil paint, 4'1.5" x 3'1.5", 2017
USD $500
© Ariana Chaves | Vertebrate  9169
2018 Painting | Vertebrate
Painting , 2'6" x 4', 2018
USD $400