2015 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Kristina Stuokaite

Barcelona Spain
The most important goals of my creation are social/global problems which I filter through my impressions, mixing with fantasy, surreal world. From the very beginning of my little days I was a researcher. I was not very professional. I did not know what exactly I was trying to find. Like mostly children I touched and ate everything. I lived in my child world and expressed myself very freely. My child experience was growing up with me and one day I understood that my true material to be open to the world is the Art. Every place is like the field of treasure where you losing your old “me” and finding new one. It is like you have a bathe in new colors, new lines and shadows, like you trying new carousel again and again. The heart is jumping for joy. At this moment my new “carousel” is Barcelona. During the learning of new language I am researching the environment, searching the lost thoughts which I filter through myself and then realizing it in my creation. The world is changing every second but I like to pick up the “crumbs” of minds like lost details of “puzzle” and later create new, very unexpected for me composition. I never know what the ending will be. When I am closing my eyes I can see it very clear.
© Kristina Stuokaite | Mysterious neighbourhood V. The Lady of stories 6421
2015 Graphics | Mysterious Neighbourhood V. The Lady Of Stories
Ink on paper, 70x100, 2015
EUR $950
© Kristina Stuokaite | Mysterious neighbourhood VI. The Lass of stories 6422
2015 Graphics | Mysterious Neighbourhood Vi. The Lass Of Stories
Ink on paper, 70x100, 2015
EUR $950